Creative Fun Tips to help you drop the Pounds!

Plexus Slim is a great way to kick off your weight loss, especially if you’re not into the gym or exercising every day… like me. It seriously took me 8 years to drop this weight, and I actually dropped all the weight in the last year.

Ok Ok – so along with taking Plexus, here are a few fun tips that helped me drop 15 lbs.

1) Dance when you clean.

You feel silly, but a few karate kicks, salsa moves, and arm twirls, had my make-up and clothes picked up with style.

2) Plan meals, snacks, and desserts.

I didn’t nessarily calorie count, but I made sure I gave myself fullfilling and healthy choices. I also stopped eating out as much. I carried healthy snack options with me at all times.

3) Fresh juices and smoothies.

You can get get fresh juices at Sprouts for $3.99, go to a juice bar, or make it at home. These provide your with nutrients and they’re delicious.

4) Soup

These soups had veggies, chicken, and even pasta, but because I prepared them myself, I was able to control the sodium etc.. I ate soup for lunch and dinner one time for four days and dropped 2 pounds. It was amazing. I think soup gives your digestive system a break since your eating softer foods.

5) 20 minute walks three times a week.

I literally had to force myself to walk around my neightborhood after work. I started feeling energized and less stressed.

6) Drink green tea

I drink green tea throughout the day. You get use to the blandness. You can buy a huge pack for $1.99 at Trader Joe’s. It has all sorts of fat buring and health benefits.

7) Be positive and do things that made you happy.

Life is hard. Laugh at silly things, karate chop the air, jump up and down, just do it!

I know I’m not a professional, but thank you for reading my tips. :)

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