Pricing Options

Plexus Pricing Options

When you’re shopping for Plexus product, you will notice there are 2 types of purchase options: Retail Customer or Preferred Customer.

Below is an explanation of each one:

Plexus Retail Customer

Retail Customer

If you select retail, this is for a one time purchase option. You will not be shipped the product monthly. You will order Plexus Slim as you need.

Plexus Preferred Customer

Preferred Customer

A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring autoshipment of any of our products at a lower discounted price than what a Retail Customer has to pay. As a Preferred Customer you may cancel your monthly purchase at any time 15 days after your initial purchase.

How much do I save? Preferred customers save on average 15%.

What’s the catch? You have to click the preferred link when ordering. Also, as a preferred customer, you will be signed up for recurring shipments to help you lose weight. If you do not wish to continue the recurring shipments, simply cancel after 15 days to keep your discount. It’s that simple to save.